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The HELP error condition may be specified at the end of a program statement, in the Exit statement, and with the ON error statement.

Error Traps:

When HELP is coded at the end of a statement, it traps the pressing of the <HELP> key. This end-of-statement use of HELP takes effect only when the operator presses <HELP> during execution of a keyboard input statement (INPUT, RINPUT, LINPUT, INPUT FIELDS and RINPUT FIELDS) and when the HELP error condition is coded at the end of the input statement.

The use of HELP with the ON error statement is somewhat different from the use of other error conditions. When ON HELP SYSTEM is in effect and the <HELP> key is pressed (and not otherwise trapped by an end-of-line HELP condition), Business Rules executes an implied HELP$ call. This HELP$ call accesses the keyword and file name which are named by the BRConfig.sys file's HELPDFLT specification. If HELPDFLT has not been specified, ON HELP SYSTEM operates as ON HELP IGNORE. For additional information, see the ON error statement and the Help Facility section.

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