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The name=SAVE: parameter allows the user to save files to any location by opening a separate Save Window and prompting them to find a file location and name. The following program provides an example:

00010 OPEN #1: "name=SAVE:.,recl=1,new",EXTERNAL,OUTPUT IOERR PROBLEM
00020 PRINT FILE$(1);" ";LREC(1)
00030 CLOSE #1: 
00040 STOP 
00100 PROBLEM: ! There was a problem opening the file.
00110 IF ERR=4150 THEN !:
      PRINT "Could not create file:";FILE$(1) !:
      STOP  ! FILE$(1) is blank!
00120 PRINT "Err:";ERR;" Line:";LINE !:

To determine the name of the file selected:

  • Use FILE$(file-number) when the open is successful.
  • Use FILE$ when the file fails to open. FILE$ gives the name of the last file to have an error including files that are open. (Unfortunately, in this case, it returns "SAVE:.")

More Examples

open #188: "Name=SAVE:D:\Desktop\*.zip,RecL=1,replace",external,output

open #188:'Name=SAVE:@:D:\Desktop\*.*,RecL=1,New',external,output

See also: Name=Open: