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The lookup project seeks to enable the BR Wiki to be your context sensitive help within your third party Brs/Wbs Program Editor(s). Once installed when working in your editor simply position your cursor on a Keyword and press Ctrl+F1 to look it up on the BR Wiki.

To enable this functionality follow the instructions for your third party editor below.


These are the instructions for setting up the BR Wiki Lookup in Notepad++ .

  • From the drop down menus choose Run>Run...
  • In The Program to Run dialog textbox enter the following:
  • Set the name in the textbox to BR Wiki Lookup
  • Click the Save... button
  • Place a check next to Ctrl
  • Select F1 from the combobox
  • Click OK
  • Click Cancel


These are the instructions for setting up the BR Wiki Lookup in MyEditBR .

  • Create a Batch file named C:\[Path]\Lookup.cmd
  • Copy and paste the following text into C:\[Path]\Lookup.cmd
Start /MIN http://brwiki2.brulescorp.com/index.php?search=%1
  • From the drop down menus choose Edit>Editor Options
  • In the Option Areas under Languages/Highlighters choose Contextual Help
  • Set the Language to BusinessRules!
  • Set the Help Applilication to:
  • Set the Help Application Parameters to
  • Click Update
  • Click OK