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The L (long) format specification is used for System/23 compatibility only. It identifies a double-precision floating-point number that uses 9 characters of storage space. L may be used with Form for internal or external files; it may also be used with full screen processing.

Input characteristics

When L is used with FORM for internal and external files, it is identical to the D format spec except that L requires nine characters of storage (D requires only eight). When L is used for input with full screen processing, the field length must account for a leading minus sign and decimal point if needed. Fraction length is optional. Numbers are not redisplayed (with the specified number of decimal places) when editing a field. L will retain extra decimal positions if they are entered and if the specified field length allows for them.

Output characteristics

All significant digits in L-formatted data will be output exactly as they were input.

Technical Considerations
1.) By definition, L is not portable; it is native to the floating-point format of the machine.

See Also

The letter L can also be used as a Control Attribute.