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The "EOL=spec" parameter indicates the end-of-line separator for the data file being opened. The EOL keyword and equal (=) symbol are required. The "spec" keyword must be replaced with one of three options: LF (line feed), CRLF (carriage return, line feed and Ctrl-Z for end of file marker), or NONE. If either CRLF or LF is specified, then both are accepted as valid record delimiters for input; they are removed from incoming data. The syntax for this parameter can be inserted into any diagram that calls for the EOL=spec parameter.




  1. EOL=CRLF for DOS systems;
  2. EOL=LF for Unix / Linux systems.

Standard Out

If you specify “Name= STD_OUT:” in an OPEN display file statement, all output to this file is redirected to standard out.

Used in: