Connecting to Other Printers Tutorial

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Printers can be designated for printing in the BRConfig.sys file. Simply add the printer location after PRN:/ in the program or in BRConfig.sys.

With BR version 4.0 and following, Native Windows Printing is allowed. To activate this, make sure that OPTION 31 is off, and specify WIN:/ as the device type in your OPEN #255 statements or BRConfig.sys file. For example:

00010 OPEN #255: "name=WIN:/DEFAULT,recl=32000", DISPLAY,OUTPUT
00020 PRINT #255: "My first printout!"
00030 CLOSE #255:

"DEFAULT" will send your print out to the default printer.

00010 OPEN #255: "name=WIN:/SELECT,recl=32000", DISPLAY,OUTPUT

"SELECT" will cause the window for selecting a printer to open up, allowing the user to choose which printer to send the information to.

00010 OPEN #255: "name=WIN:/EPSON 2,recl=32000", DISPLAY,OUTPUT

To send the information to a specific printer other than the default printer, add the first part of the printer name (enough to make it unique) and it will be recognized and sent.

Printouts can be sent to different printers using SUBSTITUTE commands which can be added to BRconfig.sys.

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