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The CL (character, lowercase) format specification identifies string data that is to be converted to lowercase upon keyboard input. It can be used with INPUT FIELDS and RINPUT FIELDS processing. (PRINT FIELDS accepts it and treats it the same as C. If it is specified with FORM, error 1006 will be generated.)

Input characteristics

When CL is used with keyboard input, case conversion automatically occurs as characters are being typed in. Even if the operator attempts to type uppercase letters, only lowercase letters will appear on the screen. Characters other than the letters A-Z are not affected. Also, data that is already displayed is not changed -on the screen or internally -by a CL specification.

The following example will convert all letters entered to lowercase:

00100 INPUT FIELDS "1,40,CL 10,r": X$
Output characteristics

When CL is specified for output in any of the full screen processing statements, it is treated the same as C (see the C Format Specification for more information). CL cannot be used for either input or output in a FORM statement.

See Also

The letter L can also be used as a Control Attribute.

CL is short for the CLOSE statement and the CLEAR command.