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We're going to change direction for a while and take a look at some of the behind the scenes of your BR set up.

Open the folder containing BR and find the BRConfig.sys file. BRConfig.sys is a text file which contains the settings and parameters for modifying Business Rules according to your preferences or specific needs. BR accesses it at start-up.

It can be used to start another program, such as the menu, at start-up. To do this, simply add a line like:

run program-name

If you would like to have subattributes or printer specifications kept in a separate file, they can be accessed from this file using the word “include” and the file name. If it's in another folder, add the path as well. For example:

include Printer.sys
include C:\programs\colors.sys

OPTION allows or suppresses features of BR by number.

Also, when new versions of BR are released and your system is updated, OPTIONs in the BRConfig.sys file can be used to add or suppress new features and version changes. Removing options as you update your programs allows a more seamless updating process.

Subattributes' definitions are accessed via your BRConfig.sys file. Specifications for a printer, and specifications for multi-user systems can also be controlled here.

If at a particular point in a program you wish to ignore the BRConfig.sys settings, this can be done with the CONFIG command. This can be undone with the program as well. For example:

00010 Execute "Config Option 14 off"


00010 Execute "Config Option 14 on"

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