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Remote Printing is used in many Client Server versions of Business Rules!

ALL PRN:/ and WIN:/ normally prints on the CLIENT.

SPOOLCMD governs PRN:/ output, and if @ is not indicated SPOOLCMD runs and prints on the server. There is nothing, however, that prevents SPOOLCMD from forwarding spooled output to clients.

With OPTION 30- (suppress remote printing)

PRN:/ and WIN:/     print on the server
PRN:@/ and WIN:@/   print on the client

Option 31 - suppresses native windows formatting but doesn't suppress printing via Windows. OPTION 31 has been deprecated in favor of DIRECT:/


 Printer                        Output Method
 Name	------------------------------------------------------------------
	Normal	Unix 	Unix 	   Unix		Windows		Unix
		Opt 30	Spoolcmd   both		Spoolcmd	Spoolcmd @

 PRN:/	client	server	server	   server	client		client
	direct	lp	spoolcmd   spoolcmd	spoolcmd	spoolcmd

                    PRN:@/, WIN:/, WIN:@/ or PREVIEW:/ 

 Opt 31	client	client	client	   client	client		client
        direct mode ---------------------------------------------------->

 WIN:/	client	server	client	   server	client		client
        native windows printing ----------------------------------------->

 WIN:@/	client	client	client	   client	client		client
        native windows printing ----------------------------------------->



OPTION 30 is not allowed on Windows servers.

SPOOLCMD always runs on the server unless it specifies a leading @.
e.g. SPOOLCMD @ print.bat [SPOOLFILE] runs print.bat on the client.

Ctrl-P only works at a LINPUT statement or at a command prompt.

  • Client side reports* are always created in a spool file on the client. This includes both WIN:/ and 'SPOOLCMD @' reports.

Two SPOOLPATH statements are allowed, one for the server and one for the client. The client SPOOLPATH should have '@' right after the SPOOLPATH keyword (e.g. SPOOLPATH @ ...) to designate where on the client spool files should be placed.

Remote printing now supports 'COPIES='.

Remote printing overriding server side printing via PRN:@/ didn't contain carriage returns (had line feeds only)

The config statement
SPOOLCMD  @  print.bat [SPOOLFILE]

Causes print.bat to be issued ON THE CLIENT in the client current directory.

Direct Printing

DIRECT:/ can be used in lieu of PRN:/ to ignore SPOOLCMD. DIRECT:/ is synonymous with PRN:/ except that SPOOLCMD doesn't apply to DIRECT. ( DIRECT:/ is equivalent to specifying WIN:/ with OPTION 31 on. )

Now Parametrized Printer Substitution statements are now supported along with several other NWP enhancements, including shading, boxing and pictures.


Returns only the client's printer list.