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Welcome to the Br Wiki. This wiki is dedicated to the Business Rules! programming language (a.k.a. BR) and the software developers who use it. Business Rules is formerly known as Workstation Basic. Currently containing 1,359 articles, this growing wiki is a great place to find information about the Business Rules! programming language. Our goal is to provide Business Rules! developers a convenient source of reference as well as an easy-to-use platform for documentation development.

We encourage members of the Business Rules! community to contribute their own knowledge to the Wiki. Everyone is encouraged to register but editing is restricted to the editors group.

If you come here often, you may be interested in just new pages or recent changes. If you'd like to keep up with what's happening on the BR! Wiki you are welcome to subscribe to the recent changes RSS.

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Most of this wiki is categorized. An individual article may belong to multiple categories. The Top Level Categories are a nice way to browse this wiki. In the table below are the most popular categories.

The Basics GUI Release Notes
Commands Statements Internal Functions
Config (Configuration and Environmental Settings) Terminology Error
Files BR Tutorials ...
Printing Utilities Third Party
Procedures Client Server ...

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Here are a few places to find other Business Rules! related pages maintained by others. These are not official pages maintained by [Business Rules Corp].

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