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Categories are a great way to organize wiki material.

We can use Categories and sub-categories to organize our manual into a stream of individual pages that will be easy to maintain and search while also exporting into one very large very portable PDF manual. We'd also like to accomodate CHM manuals after we've gotten the manual back together.

Here are some of the most commonly used categories on this site:

The Basics <categorytree mode=pages>Basics</categorytree>

Release Notes <categorytree mode=pages>Release Notes</categorytree>

Commands <categorytree mode=pages>Commands</categorytree>

Statements <categorytree mode=pages>Statements</categorytree>

Internal Functions <categorytree mode=pages>Internal Functions</categorytree>

Config <categorytree mode=pages>Config</categorytree>

Terminology <categorytree mode=pages>Terminology</categorytree>

Error <categorytree mode=pages>Error</categorytree>

Widgets/GUI <categorytree mode=pages>GUI</categorytree>

Files <categorytree mode=pages>Files</categorytree>

Printing <categorytree mode=pages>Printing</categorytree> <categorytree mode=pages></categorytree>

Utilities Third Party <categorytree mode=pages>Utilities Third Party</categorytree>

Procedures <categorytree mode=pages>Procedure Commands</categorytree>

Client Server <categorytree mode=pages>Client Server</categorytree>

And here's a list of all the categories on this wiki:

All Categories