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2. [[Chapter 2|Basic Commands]]
2. [[Chapter 2|Basic Commands]]
*[[Chapter 2#2.2 Using PRINT with delimiters|Print]]
*[[Chapter 2#2.5 DIR & LOAD command|DIR and LOAD]]
*[[Chapter 2#2.7 SAVE VS. REPLACE and FREE|SAVE, REPLACE, DEL, and FREE]]
*[[Chapter 2#2.8 External Editors|Using External Editors]]
3. [[Chapter 3|More Operating and Programming Fundamentals]]
3. [[Chapter 3|More Operating and Programming Fundamentals]]

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This BR tutorial was designed for absolute beginners. It walks you through programming basics in simple steps with plenty of examples and self-guided practice. The "Intermediate" level tutorial is also now available, Tutorial 2.

Basic Set Up

1. Introduction

2. Basic Commands

3. More Operating and Programming Fundamentals

4. Constants and Variables

5. GOTO, IF, and Other Basic Statements

6. Debugging Features

7. Unformatted and Formatted Printing


9. Organizing Folders and Programs

10. Arrays

11. Full Screen Processing, Using Print Fields and Input Fields

12. Procedures

13. Introduction to File Processing

14. The SEQUENTIAL method of access with INTERNAL files

15. The RELATIVE method of access for INTERNAL files

16. Keyed File Processing

17. Display Files

18. Error Handling and Recovery

Solutions to Exercises